Psychological and Emotional Development        

6-8 Years old

9-11 Years Old

12-14 Years old

15-18 Years old

Are becoming less emotionally dependant on parents


Can choose from a small group of concrete objects


View right behavior as being nice to others as they will be nice to you

Can generate concrete options


View rive behavior as obeying rules set by those in power


Continue to work for parents approval


Find comparison with others difficult and eroding of self-concept

Can set short term goals and generate options to reach them


Seek approval of peers but rely on approval of parents and significant adults


Are concerned about development and emerging sexuality

Desire respect from peers and adults, and comfortable as individuals


Want a role in determining their world


Can set long term goals and generate options to reach them


Are working on their own uniqueness as individuals

Reference: Youth Works (Kansas State University). (2001). Lets Start Where They Are, Part 1 [Interactive DVD]