Intellectual Development        

6-8 Years old

9-11 Years Old

12-14 Years old

15-18 Years old

Are concrete thinkers


 Have short attention spans


 Are learning to sort things into categories and arrange in a series


 Imitate and aspire to work roles they witness in the community and at home

Vary in academic ability, interest and reasoning skills


 Are beginning to think logically and use good judgment within a very concrete framework


 Exhibit increased attention span


 Have many interest that change rapidly

Are developing skills of logic, problem solving and can understand cause and effect


 Are beginning to think abstractly


 Are able to think about thinking and challenge assumptions


 Have moved from fantasy to realistic focus on life goals

Are mastering abstract thinking


 Can develop theories and create new possibilities


 Can deal with ambiguity


 Search for career possibilities

Reference: Youth Works (Kansas State University). (2001). Lets Start Where They Are, Part 1 [Interactive DVD]